Home Inspection

Get an understanding of your home’s weaknesses.

Infrared/ Thermal Inspection

See if your home is losing energy with a thermal inspection.

Radon Testing

Make sure your home isn’t harboring radon.

Home Score

Determine if your home is as efficient as it could be.

Gain Some Insight Into Your Home

Learn more about your Westminster, CO or Broomfield, CO home with testing and inspections

Are you comfortable with the condition of your home? Are you certain that it’s as efficient as it could be and that there’s no evidence of radon or energy loss? Work with 5280 Homecheck Inspections to gain some confidence about the safety and structural integrity of your home with an inspection.

Contact us at 720-999-5410 to learn more about our inspection services.

3 ways our inspection services can benefit you

A home inspection is a great way to begin improving your home. Here are a few ways our inspections can help you do so:

  1. Find the inefficiencies in your home with a thermal inspection
  2. Determine whether your home contains a significant amount of radon
  3. Search for structural flaws and damage with a home inspection

You can reach us at 720-999-5410 to schedule an inspection.

Work with experienced home inspectors in Westminster, CO and surrounding cities

5280 Homecheck Inspections is a home inspection business located in Westminster, CO serving surrounding cities including Broomfield, CO. With the ability to complete new home warranty inspections, radon tests, home score and infrared inspections, we are dedicated to helping you find your home’s deficiencies. You can count on us to provide the information you need to make your home a safer and stronger place.

Choose 5280 Homecheck Inspections to assess the different components of your home.

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