Why we do a Complete Home Thermal Inspection with an Infrared Camera.

Why we do a Complete Home Thermal Inspection with an Infrared Camera.

Infrared Testing Can Reveal Hidden Issues in Your Home

Because of its ability to capture more information than the human eye, you will learn and potentially spot current issues in your house. Many of these deficiencies may be hidden from view and not present themselves until after you purchase your home and are stuck with the problem.

Specifically Infrared Camera can spot moisture issues such as:
• Plumbing Leaks
• Hidden Roof Leaks
• Missing, Damaged, or Wet Insulation
• Water and Moisture Intrusion Around Penetrations and Foundation

An Infrared Camera can also be effective in locating electrical hotspots such as:
• Circuit Breakers in Need of Immediate Replacement
• Overloaded and Undersized Circuits
• Overheated Electrical Equipment
• Electrical Faults Before They Can Potentially Catch on Fire

Additionally, a Thermal Inspection Can Locate:
• Possible Pest Infestations Left by Wood Boring Insects
• Presence of Unwanted Intruders like Mice, Rats, or Other Larger Animals Hiding in the Structure
• Dangerous Flue Leaks with Potential Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Infrared Testing Provides Detailed Information About the Condition of Your Home

How do you know if your home is experiencing rapid heat loss in the winter or letting cooling air out in the summer? With infrared technology, you’ll see cool air escaping through a gap under your front door or a large amount of heat radiating from your windows. 5280 Homecheck Inspections offers the services you need to detect these energy losses in your home.

An Infrared Camera can spot:
• Heat Loss and Air Infiltration in Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Windows and Doors
• Damaged and/or Malfunctioning Radiant Heating Systems
• Air Conditioner Compressor Leaks
• Broken Seals in Windows
• Structural Defects Leading to Energy Loss

Infrared is a Tool That Tells You That 5280 HomeCheck Inspections is Serious About Your Home Inspection

Many inspection companies do not offer thermal inspections. Why? It’s mainly about cost. Infrared Cameras are very expensive, and training their inspectors to do thermal inspections is another cost they are not willing to invest in. We believe that any tool that allows us to spot potential problems within a house is something our customers need and deserve.

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Find the deficiencies in your Westminster, CO home with an infrared inspection included on every home inspection!

Consult with 5280 Homecheck Inspections about completing a thermal inspection in your home.